Why Telehealth

telehealth Many of us came to realize the countless benefits of holding virtual appointments and meetings during the pandemic. Telehealth offers healthcare services and education through technological communications such as video conferencing, phone calls, and messaging apps. Our telehealth appointments involve video conferencing, so that we can benefit from the opportunity to see one another and engage in a more intimate way.

Access your telehealth links through the charm patient portal.

There are many benefits to telehealth appointments, including:

  1. Convenience: Telehealth appointments eliminate costly and time consuming travel to and from the facility. We all live busy lives. It can be a burden to take time to leave work or home to commute to a healthcare office only to sit in a waiting room, then sit in the exam room and wait for the doctor, then finally see the doctor, then commute all the way back to where we can from. We’re exhausted just reading that sentence, let alone actually living it.
  2. Accessibility: For those of you living outside of a reasonable community distance, or who may be unable to commute for some other reason, telehealth offers an accessible way to reach your doctor.
  3. Improved Engagement: With increased accessibility and convenience comes improved engagement. When meeting with your doctor is as easy as logging online, it makes scheduling and engaging in regular visits more reasonable. With improved engagement come better health outcomes.
  4. Cost-effective: Telehealth allows us to keep visit costs low and allows you to save on commuting costs.
  5. Enhanced Safety: By meeting via telehealth, we reduce the transmission of infectious diseases, making this a safer option for you.

We understand that there are some aspects of an in person appointment that can not be replicated online. It is our hope to offer in-office and telehealth appointments in the future. Nonetheless, we have found our patients generally enjoy the benefits to the telehealth model. Overall, telehealth appointments provide a more convenient, accessible, and cost effective way to receive healthcare services, while also improving engagement and safety.