CHARM Portal

charm Below is a link to help you find the charm patient portal more easily. You can use this link to view messages between yourself and your provider, share documents in a secure way, access your visit summary, and check out other aspects of your electronic health records. Please keep your login information safe and secure, and do not share it with others.

For new patients: Before your first visit you will be emailed a new patient Charm activation link. Through this link you can create a charm account.

Telehealth Appointment Links: Links to your secure zoom telehealth appointments will be provided through charm. Please do NOT share these links with anyone else. You will receive a new link for each appointment.

Let us know if you have any trouble signing in to charm.

Here is the link to access Charm Patient Portal:
Click Here

For more information, see the Charm Patient Portal User Guide:
Click Here

HIPAA Compliance: Charm PHR and Natural Path Healthcare are compliant with HIPAA, to help us in keeping your information secure please keep your login information private.