Substance Abuse Treatment

For individuals looking for help with an addiction, we offer a unique perspective on recovery. Our integrative naturopathic approach is more than just abstinence. For example, we consider deficiencies and imbalances that you may be experiencing as a result of addiction. We look at your physical, mental, and emotional life in recovery and evaluate ways to ensure you have the necessary building blocks to a healthy life.

With our unique approach to addiction, we look to help you achieve balanced health. Whether you consider yourself a recovering addict, or if you are seeking guidance for how to reduce your use, we are here to help.

At Natural Path Healthcare we recognize that the person is not their addiction and we maintain a judgment free space.

Who could benefit from treatment:

  • Individuals in any stage of recovery
  • Individuals in the post inpatient phase of recovery
  • Individuals in an intensive outpatient program
  • Individuals years into recovery, looking for some added support or help optimizing their health plan
  • Individuals who feel their drinking or substance use has become more frequent and/or with higher level of use than they want
substance-abuse-treatment How we can help:

  • Management of anxiety and depression
  • Insomnia treatment
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Lab testing for deficiencies
  • Supplement support for whole person health
  • Testing for DNA based guidance on psychiatric medication prescribing.*
  • Education on physical, mental, and emotional aspects of recovery
  • Development of healthy coping strategies
  • Psychoeducational Support Group (See more below)

What is Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a condition characterized by a compulsive use of alcohol or drugs in a chronic and relapsing nature, despite negative life consequences. SUD includes a broad range of substances, from alcohol, cannabis, and prescription medications, to illegal drugs such as heroin, fentanyl, meth, or cocaine.

Many individuals seek outpatient care after completing detox and attending an intensive inpatient program. Outpatient treatment for SUD allows patients to remain living at home and continue in their daily routines while receiving care. Typically, outpatient care includes a combination of individual and group therapy, as well as education and other supportive services. We believe that our approach to SUD outpatient care pairs well with this stage of recovery and we are happy to join your support team.

Psychoeducational Support Group

Join our psychoeducational support group to learn more about the various aspects of addiction and recovery as they relate to your physical, mental, and emotional health. We run a 10 week series covering the following topics: The Neurobiology of Addiction and Mental Health, Stress Management (2 parts), Nutrition and Digestive Health, Sleep, Movement, Nature, Creating a Healthy Environment, Social Connections, Healthy Relationships and Communication.

Join for as long as it is helpful to you! Some members find the support valuable and stay with the group for longer than 10 weeks; so long as it continues to be an effective space of healing for you and the group, we welcome the continued participation.


We are not a detox center. However, we can be there for you to help you make the decision to detox, and to pick back up with you after you have received the intensive inpatient treatment needed to safely detox from drugs or alcohol. Detox and rehab needs vary from person to person. Often, individuals who are using will need to both detox and attend a period of intensive rehabilitation in order to be equipped to safely move into an outpatient setting. It can be dangerous to stop certain drugs and alcohol without the supervision of a trained professional. We are happy to have an appointment with you to discuss your unique needs and help you determine the appropriate level of care.

*We do not prescribe controlled substances. Examples of these include stimulant medications, benzodiazepines, and narcotic medications. We can help with referrals to clinics prescribing naltrexone/methadone/etc.